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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Late night, early morning

Last night by the time my friends went home, it was so late I was far too tired to do anything but sleep... so I decided to hold off on my blogging until the morning! I had a great time though, I got to see both of my best friends in one night which is pretty rare, a nice treat!

We got takeout at 7 moons, and it was delicious of course! For my dinner I had another 1/2 of the 2 Nime Chow with some more peanut sauce (no picture, but like the first one pictured), as well as an avocado sushi roll and seaweed salad. My friend teased me about eating a garden, but I thought it was absolutely delicious and filling- I told him I happen to love my vegan meals!

Later on, I got persuaded into going up the street for home made ice cream... (it's so hard to pass up in the summer) so I got a small, which is actually quite large, black raspberry chip frozen yogurt. A delicious dessert, and slightly healthier than ice cream. I know I'm going for gelato with my sister tonight as well, so I'm probably going to have a vegan sorbetto- I don't like to have dairy very often. This was a very good one though!

After watching a movie, we started getting a little hungry before the second movie we were going to watch, so I introduced my friend Danielle to some of my favorite healthy snacks- dried mango and kiwi, and veggie chips! I had about 3 of each while watching the movie.

It was a great night, and I loved seeing my lovely friends- so I woke up very happy and energetic this morning!
I had originally planned on making pancakes for a group, but both my friends left late because they had to get up early, so it was just me for breakfast. Of course I was craving pancakes though! So I set out to make Erica's Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I followed the recipe, except using nonfat soy and carob chips, with a BIG banana... let me say, WOW! Def. the best vegan pancakes I've ever tasted!
I made 3, and although they look funny (I have a really bad pan for pancakes), they were delectable and perfect. I crumbled some walnut halves over the top and had some cherries along with them... and I am STUFFED!

The best saturday morning breakfast- it would only be better if my friends were here, but I'll see both of them again soon!
Today I'm planning on an easier exercise day, I took it a little easy yesterday, but today I think I might just go on a long walk, we'll see. I have a short race tomorrow (my last before I leave!) and I plan on running all week, so I don't think one day off will be a problem!
I'm going to the Farmer's market in the morning (super excited!) then to grab groceries and lunch at the Alternative Food Co-op (my fave health food store in town!), exercise and make my mom and sister a new tester recipe for dinner I'm excited about! And then my sister and I are going for shopping and gelato in Newport later this evening. Such a busy busy day, but I am SO excited!! It should be a lot of fun.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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