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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Food-filled morning

I had a great time shopping this morning! My mom and I headed to the farmer's market in town to pick up a little fresh produce. We found some spinach, salad turnips for a change in salads, and some GORGEOUS organic strawberries! Yum! We also stopped by the Co-op booth, where they were selling some yummy home made treats; I snagged a sample of "Dan's Yummy Bars", and had to buy 2 for snacks! They're made with wheat germ, coconut, flax, walnuts, and seeds, they look so healthy and they really are yummy too!

The smell of fresh strawberries is one of my alltime favorite scents!

Afterwards, we headed to the real co-op to get some more veggies, bulk oats, tempeh bacon, a couple supplies for recipes and my dad's cake on Monday. I also snagged two 1/2 wraps to have for lunch. (They're pretty small) I got the tempeh chili, which had garden tempeh, beans, spices, brown rice, peppers and lettuce. Yum!

I ate these on the way home, and when I got back I had a big apricot and a few of our new fresh strawberries to finish my lunch! Tasty and filling!

It is sooo warm here; I'm very tired so I'm thinking that a walk looks pretty darn good- I might do that instead of a run today, to take it easy before the race tomorrow.

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VeggieGirl said...

I just got back from produce/food-shopping as well :0) Always fun and delicious!!

Stay cool!! It's in the upper 90s here, AND is super-humid :0(