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Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick post, out the door!

I'll do a quick lunch post, but you'll have to wait until later for pics- I only have a few minutes!
This morning I was feeling quite tired, probably because of the dreary day, so I didn't feel much like exercising. I still decided to do a bit, so I ran for 20 minutes, walked 15 and did about 10 minutes of strength training afterwards (a few abs, some pushups, lunges and arm exercises)
After I showered, I threw together an easy filling lunch- a tofurky sammie with 4 slices hickory smoked tofurky, some dijon mustard, a slice of FYH vegan monterey jack, cucumbers, greens and a slice of tomato all on 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread. It was messy, but tasty and filling! I also ate some carrots as always, and grabbed a pear I'll be eating on the way.

For a snack later I packed a peanut butter Clif Z-bar and an organic pink lady apple.

See you all after dinner, I'm off!

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