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Friday, June 6, 2008

Odd hours

I'm working odd hours again today, so trying to feed myself well is a bit of a challenge. I had a big breakfast to fuel my early run, which, unfortunately is inside again because of all this wet, wet weather! It needs to stop raining, I miss the sun!
This morning I poured myself a HUGE bowl of Nature's Path Optimum power cereal- I was going for 1.5 cups but poured 2 cups and then 1 cup hemp milk without thinking, and realized how much cereal it was! It was yummy though, and the extra calories are good for me. I also had 3/4 cup of blueberries in the cereal, a nice sweet n' crunchy bowl.

Like I mentioned, it's an early workout for me this morning, then a quick lunch and I'm off to work for a few hours before I meet up with my friend. We were planning on going for a hike, but it looks like with this weather that's not likely. So, we'll probably just hang out, order takeout... I'll try to blog when I can!

I'll try and be back for lunch, depending on how on track I am this morning!

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