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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ready to Race

I have my last race before I leave today; I was going to do another next week but got scheduled to work- so I guess this is it! I always try and make this a good one, because it's a race very close to my heart- it's a 5k for the Katie Decubellis Memorial Foundation, a foundation against drunk driving. The founders live in my town, I graduated with their son, I was in 5th grade when their daughter Katie was tragically killed. I never miss this race, I feel it's such an important cause to support. Hopefully I'll race well!

To fuel my race I had my usual pre-race mini meal; a whole wheat mini bagel wth 1 tbsp PB and some raspberry preserves. Perfect light breakfast to fuel my run!


hk said...

Good luck, Kristin! Sounds like a great race, have fun :)

Danielle said...

Good luck Kristin! I feel like I say this every weekend :) you'll be great as usual I'm sure!