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Friday, June 20, 2008


Being at Graduation tonight, I realized how hard it is to believe a whole year has passed since I graduated high school! I remember the day as if it was yesterday (I'm actually wearing my lovely gradution dress next week!) and the night just brought back so many happy memories of my last days at school. Although I did have some good times at my high school, especially during senior year, I can say this past year has been better than my whole four years of high school combined! So that I'm thankful for! It was so great to watch one of my good friends, Katrina get her diploma, and make a wonderful speech in front of hundreds of people- she was the salutatorian!
Here we are after graduation:

We hung around, talked for a bit- and she forced me to have a piece of her graduation cake.

I've got to admit, it was pretty darn good.
When I got home I was still in the mood for a little snack, so I had a few pieces of dried fruit.

And while we're remembering... Katie, The Chocolate Covered Vegan, dared us all to post prom pictures- here are a couple of my senior prom pics! I lucked out with an awesome prom date, he's actually one of my best friends, Eric! It was quite a fun night- I think my dress was my favorite part. It was one of a kind!

After a long day, I am ready to call it a night. Tomorrow is my "sister's day" with my sister- I bought her a surprise breakfast at Whole Foods, and we're going out to lunch AND dinner! Should be lots of fun!

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