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Friday, June 20, 2008

Smorgasbord lunch and an Asian dinner

This morning I planned on going on a nice long run before heading out this morning, but it got cut short halfway through because I got a horrible cramp in my side, and decided it wasn't worth the pain of two more miles of aching. So I headed home and got in about 15 minutes of cardio total. I didn't want that to be all the exercise I got for the day, so I did 10 more minutes of some strengthening exercises before showering.

My mom and I headed to Whole Foods for lunch, some groceries and some more travel foods. We got lunch right away because we were so hungry- it was so good! I took way too much, as usual, but ate a LOT of my big bowl because it was so yummy! I'll try and remember everything in there: sesame broccoli, seasoned cauliflower, grilled portabellos and squash/zucchini, chickpea salad with corn and tomato, grilled seitan with peppers, mango tofu, curry tofu, bbq tofu and bbq tempeh, fruit salad, edamame succotash, vegan chick'n salad and 2 incredible thai dumplings.
Whew! I had little tastes of everything, and left a few bites in the bottom.

After shopping (i got some more larabars and honest foods squares, dried mango, unsalted nuts for my trip and some produce) we went to borders where I picked up Water for Elephants to read on the plane, and a couple hours later I snacked on an apple and some soy crisps in the car to hold me until dinner.

Back at home, I made a recipe I saw Jenna make on her blog, a recipe I had already flagged to try in the new Shape magazine. Asian noodles with shitakes and cashews! Mmm, it was delish, of course. I had a big serving, along with some spinach drizzled with a couple of teaspoons of Annie's Woodstock dressing.

I'm off to go see the Seniors at my high school graduate, I'll be back afterwards!

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