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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Restaurant Cravings for free

After planning on going to two of my favorite restaurants two nights in a row, and plans falling through BOTH nights, I was stuck here with HUGE cravings for a big vegan burger! I still had a fabulous dinner last night, and tonight's dinner ended up being just as good- for free!

I snacked on some grapes while printing out my travel itineraries this afternoon:

When it came time for dinner I made myself my absolute favorite quick meal- a veggie burger! Tonight I used an Amy's California veggie burger topped with a big hunk of FYH vegan cheddar, some frozen grilled onions and mushrooms I heated in a pan on the stove, with some organic ketchup, all squished together on an ezekiel english muffin. Of course nothin' like the burger I would have gotten at crazy burger, but definately pretty damn good- especially for not having to use gas or money to get it!

On the side of my scrumptious burger I had a mixed greens salad topped with some sliced radish, shredded carrots and cut cucumber drizzled with a tbsp of Annie's Goddess dressing. Filling and definately satisfied my burger cravings!
Yum, yum, yum!

I'm off to bring my sister to dance in a bit and hang around the house, finishing travel details and relaxing. Tonight will most definately be an early night- I haven't been sleeping too well lately, and boy do I need some rest!


Ally said...

Hey Kristin! I've been following your blog for a while now (as a silent lurker :) and your healthy eating and dedication to exercise have been so inspirational to me. I'm trying to start eating a little better and be more health conscious, and your blog gives me so many great meal ideas. I just have a question about your portion sizes- I know you've gained the weight (congrats!!!) and you mentioned that you'll be eating a little less to maintain once you're home from Italy. What weight (and how tall are you?) are you going to maintain? I understand if this question is too personal and you don't want to answer- I'm just wondering so that I can use your portion sizes as a guideline and then tailor them to me from your size :) Thanks for being an awesome role model and for writing such a great blog!!

Kristin said...

Hi Ally,
I'm glad you enjoy my blog!
I've been pretty open about my size, just because I feel being honest about my size is the best way to help others who might benefit from my blog. Currently I weigh 90 pounds, and I am 5'1". I've gained 10 pounds in total, and I'm looking for about 3 more to feel my best, as I did when I was this weight. I'm pretty sure all the delicious pasta and gelato in Italy will help this!

When I get back, I'll be scaling down some of the portions that I have upgraded- down to 3/4 cup granola from 1 cup, same with some cereals, probably about 1/4 cup less. I'll still be using nut butters and nuts, but not to the extreme I have been. I'll also probably make my night time snacks lighter- maybe a couple cookies every other day instead of every day. My lunches and dinners are generally large, and I'll keep them this way.

Hope this helps!

Ally said...

aww thanks so much, this really did help :) I'm also 5'1" and about 100 lbs right now but I tend to feel my best at around the range you mentioned. I'd like to lose those five little ones for vanity :) and will definitely be referring to your blog for meal ideas and portion sizes. Thanks again and have a great time in Italy!!! (I bet the gelato will be amazing!)