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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Return of the favorite Granola

So I did get to bed late again last night, but I was up early this morning, craving a crunchy breakfast! The other day, my mom picked us up some Nature's Path PB granola, my favorite! I was super excited she bought it, because I haven't had it in so long.
This morning I had 1 cup of granola on top of a container of vanilla Silk soy yogurt with about 3/4 cup blueberries. Hit the spot!

Today is a gross, rainy day... not making my somber mood any better... but I plan on a nice, relaxing day to up my spirits, Some reading, a treadmill run, I'll be venturing into town to get my dad a birthday present (his birthday is on Monday) and then my sister is making me dinner later tonight, so I'm excited to see what she makes me! (It's a surprise!!) Like I said, I'm not in the best mood... but I'll try and make the best of my day anyways!

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hk said...

sorry you're not in the best mood, breakfast does look delicious though :) Happy shopping and dinner with your sister!