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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flavorful Improvement

Today I went on my usual 4-mile run as planned, then packed up my bags and headed to work. At work, I snacked on a Cherry Pie larabar to hold me until dinner a couple hours later.

The first half of work went by fairly quickly, and soon enough it was time for my break. I brought delicious leftovers from lastnight- more Chana Palak Masala by the Happy Herbivore, which- as I suspected was even more fantastic than last night! The flavors were even more intense and delicious, it was a very satisfying meal. On the side I also had 1/2 a sliced bell pepper and 2 mini pita pockes, which I ate 1.5 of because the Chana filled me so well!

The second half of work was slower than the first, but it still wasn't bad overall. I got home on time, and for a dessert I heated 1/2 of one of my favorite ABC Vegan Espresso Chip cookies, with some yummy fresh cherries. Hit the spot!

I'm off to see a friend for a little bit, hopefully I don't get home too late because I'm pretty tired!
See you all at breakfast!

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