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Monday, June 2, 2008

Too much

Lunch today was fantastic, but wayyy too big! Breakfast and lunch are pretty large meals for me, because I know my body needs the fuel to keep me going during the day more than at night when I'll be resting and sleeping. But today, I just put together a humongous lunch! I still ate most of it though, because it was so yummy =)
I made one of Lindsay's tester recipes- the "Sausage" and mushroom burger! It combined some of my favorites- mushrooms and gravy, faux meat, all on an Ezekiel sprouted bun... mmm mmm good! This burger was messy, and super filling but definately one of the most delicious I've had yet!

On the side, I had the rest of the salad from last night, just some greens and tomatoes drizzled with a bit less than a tablespoon of Annie's goddess dressing. I also had a bowl of HUGE grapes, that I couldn't finish because I was so stuffed! I ate about half, and I'm sure I'll nibble on the rest throughout the afternoon.

This morning was "boring stuff"... just going through paperwork, but it took up my morning, now I'm going to read for a bit and go for a run and then a walk up to the puppy store to pick up Kahlua some doggie shampoo.
I hate sitting around all morning, I need to get more activity in! Luckily this afternoon I should be up and about.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm that burger sure looks amazing. I've never had mushrooms on a burger but it looks SO good, I think I'll have to give it a try. I really wish I had that recipe! haha