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Monday, June 9, 2008

Unexpected rush

Guess what? When I signed on to blogger today it said I had posted 500 posts! So happy post #501! Hehe, just thought that was cool =)

Today I am unexpectedly rushed, because I woke up to a text that my friend has to pick me up 2 hours earlier than planned. TWO HOURS?!?! Woah! I have so much to do, so little time! I wanted to eat, lay around, then run, get my dad's cake ready, and head out... looks like I'll be putting my Dad's cake together then heading out for a quick run in less than an hour.

Luckily, I put my breakfast together last night- I made a delicious bowl of Vegan Swiss Oats, with 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c vanilla soy, walnuts, cinnamon and cranberries last night... in one of the new bowls I won!

(Sorry it's blurry, but I had to show you!)

This morning, I added a banana and some plain soy yogurt to my mix, and had a small bowl of the rest of the strawberries from the farmer's market. This is, by far, the most filing breakfast I make. I'm glad, it will need to hold me a few hours before we end up in Providence to visit my Dad for his birthday.

Ok, I'm off to build an ice cream cake! I'll be back after lunch!


VeggieGirl said...

Love the new bowl!! Have fun making the ice cream cake - hopefully it won't melt in the heat ;0)

Sara said...

meant to tell you congrats on your race yesterday. A record time always makes for a good weekend. There's nothing like meeting your goals when it comes to running...runner's high is pretty much the best feeling ever. happy monday and good luck with the cake!

Danielle said...

Congratulations on the race & your 500th post :). Good luck with the ice cream cake! I cannot wait to see it!