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Friday, June 20, 2008


So I had an unplanned, incredibly fun night! I knew I'd be out all day, but I didn't think I'd be out so late! Or eat so many treats. But it's been a while since I ate so crazy, so I'll forgive myself and eat better today =)

Lunch was fantastic, I had the bean and corn salad I posted yesterday along with some blue corn tortilla chips, guacamole, strawberries and peach salsa (two big spoonfuls, not pictured)

We chatted and I helped them study for their chem exams (Who ever thought I would be the one helping my cousins with chemistry??) and walked around my old school for a bit again. I met up with my friend Alex and we unsuccessfully searched for teachers, so we decided to head some place to talk instead. Alex loves lemonades from Panera Bread, so I figured I'd go and try a blended one with her for a treat.

We talked for a while, which was great because I haven't seen her in some time! We walked around the mall for a bit, and then parted ways so she could go home and I could do a little travel shopping.
I stopped by one of my grocery stores to see what I could find, and I found a lot! Some single serve vanilla soy milks, more mini packs of granola, and some clif z bars.
At this point I was getting slightly hungry (a lemonade's not a good snack!) and it was still pretty early to go meet up with my friend so I ate a fruit & nut bar in the car and drove over to starbucks to sit outside and read ihn the sun with my big granny smith apple.

I had a very pleasant time sitting outside, enjoying the nice day, and then headed over to my local health food store where I picked up some more travel snacks (and a couple treats!) I snagged a cool "chico" bag that folds into a tiny ball to bring with me to use as a grocery bag in Italia, as well as some peanut butter crackers for the plane, mini bags of wheat crackers to have with my PB packs for snacks, some larabars and a nana's cookie I found because it looked so darn yummy!

Finally I met up with my friend to get his hair done (it came out great!), talked to my hair stylist for a while and then we went out to eat. We went to one of my local Italian themed restaurants, Arturo Joe's, and I ordered a delicious vegan meal- Artichoke Stuffed Gnocci with spinach, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and olives. Mmm! I ate wayyy too much of this but it was sooo good it was hard to stop! (it was a little oily, but otherwise pretty healthy!)

I also had 1/2 of a piece of home made foccacia bread dipped in some garlic olive oil to start (I was starving!)

We decided to rent a couple movies for the night, and so we had a movie-a-thon back at my house, complete with ice cream and movie snacks! Yes, I ate far too much candy. But it was a once in a while thing, and I had fun at the time... so no guilt, just no chocolates tonight! =)
I had a bowl of SoDelicious dairy-free Mocha Almond Fudge

A couple pieces of lindt coconut, and a couple pieces of toblerone...

as well as two mini starbucks candies.

I was stuffed, and sooo tired by the end of the night, but I love spending time with friends, especially before I'm leaving in less than a week now! So surreal.

I woke up this morning surprisingly rested after such a late night (we're talking after 2 am!)
I was CRAVING another bowl of my fave PB cereal combo- 1 cup PB granola, 1/2 cup puffins, hemp milk and a big banana. Mmmm, just what I wanted!


Anonymous said...

garlic olive oil & bread is SO good, isn't it? it's one of my favorite splurges!

i definitely need to buy that guac in the pouch :)

Anonymous said...

That day sounds like a great one, and all of the treats seem completely worth it. I think treats and eats are best enjoyed with friends :)

Sarah said...

are those starbucks candies any good? I love all things coffee and all things chocolate so I'm sure I would like them, but I was just wondering if they were worth buying or should I just wait until the opportunity to eat them somehow arises (as in I convince my mom to buy a bag and then have one of hers lol)

hk said...

enjoy fun time with friends when you can!! have a great Friday :)