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Friday, July 18, 2008

Bad luck in Calabria...

So unfortunately I really won't be able to post any more photos for the rest of the trip... because yesterday as I was walking up the hill to the DeRada Center I tripped and hit my laptop on the sidewalk. It's ok, it has a dent and it turns on but it's a bit fuzzy and definately needs to be fixed. So I'm praying it's just something small, and taking it easy with it for now so hopefully no more damage will be done to it before I can take it to an apple store.

Yesterday really wasn't the best day for me. I got some unfortunate news about my New York trip after I leave Italy (it's cut short a day), plus my laptop, and I felt sick.
But the day got better as it went on, I had a gelato and did some yoga to calm me down in the afternoon, and in the evening we learned how to make bread from the really cute bread guy, Franco. He gave us biscotti and traditional albanian cookies to try =)

Dinner was good as well, pasta with eggplant/pomodoro sauce with a bit of pepperoncini, zucchini parmesean, potatoes & peppers and bruschetta (I had a small piece of bread beforehand so I just ate the topping off the bruschetta!)
For dessert we had fruit, which was a nice refreshing way to end the meal!
We also shared a bottle of vino bianco, to relax us for the quiz we were supposed to have today... that we ended up not having after all!

This morning I woke up with a headache after not sleeping very well, so I had some coconut yogurt, museli and a banana for breakfast. I'm snacking on a nectarine now, and I'm not sure what we'll be doing for lunch today... we're leaving for the mall at one, and then we have an art exhibition to go to.

We're relaxing in town this weekend, no excursions except a trip to the beach on Saturday. I have had a wonderful experience here and really don't want it to end!! But truth be told I am a bit anxious to get back to the states and get my laptop fixed...

But i'm trying not to think about that, and enjoying every last minute here my last week in San Demetrio!

Have a fantastic venerdi!

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