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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cucino Italiano!

No crazy Italian boys or long hikes since I last blogged- just some more great meals, and some more great Italian cooking!
Carolyn and I split a banana and did a bit of browsing at some of the stores in town, before going to Pub Fusion for "Le Strada". We ordered birra and had a nice time watching the movie before dinner. When my primo piatto came, I was SO excited- pesto, mia favorita! This was a HUGE plate, and I ended up eating 3/4 of it, it was sooo good!

The second course was not a favorite of mine- I don't really like eating eggs, but I must say these were some very good l'uova- I ate a few of the pieces, without the dressing. I also had a few small pieces of cheese they had on the table.

Dessert was gelato- 2 in one day! Thats ok, we're in Italia!

After a good night's rest, I did 20 minutes of strength this morning before having some muesli with almond milk and a nectarine.

My snack this morning was a big apple- we went to the fruttivendolo before class, the fruit man is sooo nice! I got a bunch of green grapes, a hot pepper for salads, a big tomato, peaches and nectarines and my apple- and he gave my friend Danielle and I a handful of cherries to snack on, as well as some plums and figs for free!!

After class we went to our next lab- definately the best so far! We cooked with Fifina, the best cook in town! She is so sweet, and taught us how to make 2 sauces and meatballs- one of the sauces was completely vegan- so I am DEFIANTELY making it when I get back to the states!

We had the sauce over pasta- I had 2 medium helpings! Then, because I was a vegetarian and didn't eat the meatballs, Michelangelo's Mamma brought out some fried zucchini flowers for me to try- I ate two of these, a bit of zucchini fritatta and a couple bites of zucchini salad. They kept giving us food! I just sampled (besides the pasta!) because I just couldn't eat any more! It was all fabulous though. For dessert we had delicious fresh figs- they don't get any better than in Calabria!

So today has been fun so far, we have a lot of time to relax this afternoon- I already did all of my homework, so I've got a lot of time to fill! I love Siesta, definately makes my time here much less stressful.

Tonight is 3 of my FAVORITES for dinner- so I'm warning you, I will be pigging out. I'm trying to stay balanced in Italy for sure, but there are definately some times that it is SO worth it for a bit of a splurge!


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, that pesto pasta looks marvelously scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

hope you have fun tonight :)

your trip sounds amazing... seems like everyone is so accommodating and friendly too!

i love the whole "fruit man" concept!