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Friday, July 4, 2008

Miei favoriti Piatti

Ohmigoshhhh.... dinner was absolutely fantastic. After a banana and a bite of nutella (straight from the jar, bad girl) I was just hungry enough a few hours later for dinner.

We started with pesto gnocchi- yes, I finished every bite. Fantastico!

Then we had grilled eggplant with a bit of parmesan, and some pomodoro salad. Anche Delizioso!

For dessert, we had more watermelon, and then they brought out HUGE platters of torta and dolci for Professor Laluna's birthday! I had 1/2 a fresh donut, and a few bites of each of the 2 small pieces of cake and torta.

Afterwards, we celebrated by having a drink and then went back home, where I called some friends, and we settled in for the night.

This morning I woke up pretty hungry, so I had some muesli with almond milk, and a coconut yogurt.

During class I snacked on a nectarine, but we decided to go out for lunch for a change- we went to Dante, a nearby restaurant, and they gave me a tasty vegetarian dish- potatoes and peppers sauteed in olive oil. I also had a stuffed pepper. A little much on the oil, but otherwise very satisfying- at least they're healthy oils! We also each had a glass of vino bianco.

My friend Carolyn and I were up for some good exercise, so we decided to walk down and up the KILLER mountain we hiked the other day- we had an awesome time, it felt like no time, talking and laughing, but we walked for almost an hour! We saw the hidden fresco again, some pear trees and plenty of geckos before heading home. Back at home we sat down for a post walk snack- some peanut butter and fresh crusty bread.

Now I'm working on my next Italain project, eating some dolci- fruit torta that Michelangelo's sister gave us. They're so sweet here! Tonight is another one of my favorites... but I will definately be eating less than I did last night!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh everything looks so good! Especially that gnocchi. I've only ever tried it once but pesto sounds like a great way to dress it up!

Hiking up a mountain sounds so awesome. I'd love to be able to hike more, there is no where around where I live to hike really. Glad to hear you're having a great time!

ChickPea said...

I am so jealous of that coconut yogurt!