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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 cravings in one

This morning I was craaaaving waffles, bananas and PB... so of course I made myself one of my favorite Waffle Sammies with
2 fig + flax waffles, 2 tbsp of PB (I needed the extra tbsp today!), a big banana and a drizzle of maple syrup. Mmm... waffle-y perfection. I had a few grapes on the side for sweetness, and they made the breakfast absolutely delectable!

Today I am going to work out in the morning, and then I'll be off to pick up my friend Danielle, and meet up with my friend Carolyn, where I'll be taking her to one of my favorite restaurants, and then hopefully shopping for the day! I'm pretty darn broke, because I just started working again yesterday, but I always love to look! Maybe we'll even squeeze a gelato trip in there to remind us of Italy... should be a fun day!


erica said...

I haven't had a waffle sandwich in ages.. after seeing yours, it's definitely going to return to my breakfast repertoire!

Anonymous said...

waffles, bananas, and peanut butter...a PERFECT combination in my opinion! and packed full of energy as a plus!!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing combo! I LOVE this breakfast now, thanks to the blogging world!