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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet and Sweeter

The other day, while my dad was busy making himself a pb & "fluff" sandwich, I myself snagged a bit of his tasty topping and added a dollop of ricemellow to my mango cup!

This was an amazing discovery, I love the little bit of extra sweetness! Tonight, I added a spoonful of ricemellow to the top of my already sweet healthy treat to make it more dessert-like, and it was deeeelish!

Being fat free, with only 20 kcals per tablespoon, it's not too much of an indulgence! This will definately be a regular addition to my nightly desserts.

I can't put Water for Elephants down! I've only been reading it a couple of days and I'm already almost done! I might just finish it, it is spectacularly alluring.

Off to read...

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