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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Better late than never

Afternoon guys!

Sorry for such a late post; I had to work super early this morning so I didn't even have time to go near the computer with all I had to do to get ready.

Last night I had a yogurt before I left the house with hopes it would hold me over at the party... well, I had another weak moments(s) and did my fair share of snacking & cake eating.
We all have our slipups, but i feel like I may have been having a few too many sweets lately so I'm going to make an effort to limit my treat and snack intake. I don't need that junk!!

Luckily I didn't eat too much, and I woke up with quite the appetite. For breakfast, I scrambled up the rest of the egg whites in the carton- about 1/4 cup, topped with s&p and I had a bowl of 1/2 cup granola and 1 fage 0% topped with blueberries.

I did a 40 minute yoga session, and headed off to work.
Mid morning, I tried a new larabar for a snack- Ohmigosh... Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars are the greatest bar on the planet!! Seriously. What a bar. Luciously peanutbuttery, chewy yet crunchy at the same time. So sweet I couldn't believe there were no added sweeteners... but it wasn't too much. Purely delicious. I ate it slowly, savoring every bite like I would a real PB cookie. In fact, I might like these better than real PB cookies!
The only difference between my new fave bar and a cookie? It filled me up! Right away, I was totally satisfied- and it held me well until my lunch break. I also packed a nectarine, but waited until later to eat it.

For lunch I packed leftovers as planned- Cavatappi (in my case, Rotini) Nicoise with some baby carrots on the side. Just enough for lunch. I really LOVE this combo... whole grains, veggies, healthy fats (none saturated!), protein... my super meal!

After 7 long hours at work, I headed back home, where I had my nectarine, along with about 3/4 cup 1% cottage cheese. I hope this holds me over; I'm going to a late-ish dinner with a few friends, and I don't want to be starving!

Time to go rest and get ready!

**My dinner post might come tomorrow morning, depending on when I get home. See you all then!*


VeggieGirl said...

I'm a broken record around the blogging world with this statement, but I'll type it again anyways:

**PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE LARABAR = MY #1 FAVORITE FLAVOR (and that's saying a LOT, considering I eat Larabars every single day).**

Andrea said...

mmmm love those lara bar new flavors! that company is genius :) your pasta dish looks great. have fun with you friends tonight! looking forward to reading the answers to your questions soon :D

hk said...

don't be too hard on yourself, your snacks and treats all seem healthy and totally seem to fit into your healthy, active lifestyle- NO WORRIES!!

Have fun tonight :) and mmm...I'm so pumped to get my hands on the peanut butter cookie larabar- holy yum :)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that's it, i have to go out like right now and find a peanut butter cookie larabar! the entire blogworld is freaking out about them in these past two days! have fun at dinner! :)