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Friday, August 8, 2008

A day around town

Finally home after a fun day in town!
After a quick ab workout this morning, I showered and my sister and I left to watch the surf competition. We got a great spot on the seawall, with a wonderful view of our beautiful beach and the towers.

While we watched the competition, I snacked on some grapes, and we grabbed frozen Del's lemonade- it's a Rhode Island classic, and I always get one a summer!

For lunch we headed to a local cafe, the Picnic Basket for sandwiches. I ordered the garden veggie burger, which came with a slice of swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard. It was on the most DELICIOUS basil foccacia in town... I can never pass it up when we go to the P.B!

After lunch my sister and I walked around town and back to the car for about 25-30 minutes, so I got some good exercise in. We stopped by homegoods where I got myself a new pan and wine glasses for my house, and then we came back home.
Now I'm snacking on some of the delicious hummus chips my sister and I snagged at the picnic basket (I had a few before, plus what's in the little bowl- about 2 small handfuls in total) and a small apple.

I hope it holds me until dinner; my mom's bringing home some fresh seafood for me to make!!


RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina said...

i LOVE the picnic basket yay!! and if I recall, you went to Red Stripe recently? I get my hair cut right by there and I am always tempted to have dinner there right after! LOVE their mussels!

Danielle said...

Oh what a fun day! That surf competition sounds exciting and you got to eat some yummy food with pretty views too :) enjoy your fresh dinner!

Anonymous said...

That sandwhich looks great and looks like you had a nice day with yoru sis!

Andrea said...

hummus chips? what a cool concept!

HangryPants said...

I see your Dels, which will be a Local Favor Shout Out featured R.I. product on the blog very very soon. :)