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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Phew, I am definately in the need for some serious R&R today... I have been out LATE the last couple of nights and it is really getting to me!

Sorry for not posting last evening; as soon as I left my uncle's party on the boat, my friend called me and I immeditately went to meet her, and ended up staying out late, AGAIN... So here's the night's recap-

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a 20 minute run around my neighborhood, followed by some ab exercises and 5 minutes of inclined walking on the treadmill. I've actually been feeling better incorporating more weight training, and less cardio! I do 25-35 minutes of cardio now, and try to squeeze in some sort of strength every day, unless I do yoga, and it's really making me feel great! Plus some of the changes I've been making to my diet, I really feel like I'm building muscle, I hope I am!

After my workout, I tried my new protein powder I got in the mail- it's the Chocolate flavor of Jay Robb's whey protein powders. After seeing it on a couple blogs and hearing rave reviews, I had to go out and buy it. I've been looking for a protein powder that's tasty, and all natural- and here one is! I LOVED this! I mixed 1 scoop with 8oz soymilk, and I seriously thought I was drinking a milkshake! I can't wait to have it again!

Later that evening, we headed down to Point Judith, where my whole family gathered at my uncle's boat, for a 1 year celebration of him owning the southland. It was a lot of fun, I basically spent the entire time talking and laughing with my family, and eating of course! There was a big variety of food, but not too much for vegetarians- so I'm glad my mom and I both brought veggie-friendly salads!

Here's my first plate:

Fiesta bean & corn salad (made by me!) with blue corn tortilla chips, mediterranean pasta salad (thought of by my mom, dressed and mixed by me), garden salad, cheese lasagna, watermelon balls, deviled egg

and I went back for a bit more:

pasta salad, fiesta salad, watermelon ball, deviled egg (I know how bad these are... but they're one of my weaknesses!)

and of course... I couldn't pass up the chocolate cake!

I must admit, I had a couple extra swipes of frosting as well... my favorite part!
I also helped carve the second watermelon, and had 1/2 this piece (which was falling apart!)

I had a nice time with the fam, and then I went with my friend Danielle to go to a concert up in Providence, which we ended up getting lost getting to... so we headed back home, again. It was an adventure, if not a misadventure!
I was hungry when I got home... I had a small handful of veggie chips and said goodnight.

This morning I woke up craving a waffle sandwich again! This one is made with 2 fig & flax waffles (these are def. my favorites now!! This one was super figgy!), about 1.5 tbsp PB, 1/2 tbsp maple syrup and a big banana sliced. Just enough to fill me up!

My stomach is feeling a bit funny, which I hope is only temporary because of some of the odd foods I ate last night (maybe the cheese lasagna or mayo laden deviled eggs...).
I am off to rest and relax, maybe read some of my new book, get energized for the weekend (tomorrow's friday!!)so

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