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Friday, August 22, 2008

Home again

Work tonight wasn't bad; there was a lot to do so it went by pretty fast. I had my bar around 3, and LOVED it! I thought it would be cashews with some chocolate pieces, but it was actually coated in chocolate! It was indulgent, almost like a candy bar (but healthier!!) except it held me over until 6 when I ate my dinner. Speaking of candy, I did have a few raisinets offered by a friend at work- they're my fave "movie treat", and I'm still on a chocolate kick if you can't tell ;)

Dinner was great too, very filling and just right for work. After work I was in the mood for something sweet, so instead of reach for the chocolate again, I opted for a fruit platter- using 1 small kiwi and 1 medium pluot, it was exactly what I wanted! Sweet, refreshing and delicious.

Time for some much needed rest!

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