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Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving along

The day is moving along slowly, I've just been trying to plan out the rest of the week... I have a couple plans with friends, plus work, shopping trips for school supplies, doctor's appointments... I'm trying to fit everything in!

I had another early lunch, because I'm going to go for a nice walk with my sister early this afternoon, so I needed my fuel for that!
I made myself an egg sandwich, with 1/3 cup eggwhites (=2 large eggs), 1 sliced reduced provolone and ketchup on two slices Ezekiel bread. I also had about 1/2 cup of my leftover bean/corn fiesta salad from my uncle's party.

I thought I was going to be full after all of that, but I felt like I wanted a little something more... so I had a small bowlful of grapes as well. Finally I was satisfied!

I'm going to change and walk with my sister-she had volleyball tryouts yesterday, so she's a bit sore, and I'm in a "walking mood" so this should be good for the both of us!

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