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Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick post

So this is a super quick post; I just went on my run and finished my lunch (literally, 5 minutes ago!) when my friend called me up and invited me to share our special treat from Starbucks... the toffee almond bar- which is quite the indulgent treat... especially right after lunch... I may have a couple bites anyway, it is our favorite treat to share- but I don't want to overeat after all my indulgences yesterday.

This morning, my "snack" was pretty random- I spent the morning going through everything in "my" cupboards, deciding what to bring to school- and I picked at a few mixed nuts, a couple kashi crackers, veggie chips (2 each) and a peanut butter pretzel, seeing if things were stale, or good (unfortunately most was stale!)

Then I went on my 30 minute run, and did about 15 minutes of abs afterwards. I quickly heated my lunch because I was HUNGRY at this point- 1 cup of black bean chili, a medium sweet potato with a tiny dollop of earth balance, and a nectarine.

For dinner I packed some leftover mediterranean tuna pasta along with some carrots. I was going to pack this Kashi Bar as a snack- but I decided to nix that because of my toffee almond treat and bring a cheese stick to hold me instead!

**PICS UP LATER, off to meet my friend and then work!**

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Andrea said...

mmmm i love all the bars at starbucks. toffee almond bar is so good! i love the lemon one too. have fun with your friend :D