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Friday, August 29, 2008


These last couple of days, I've been focusing a lot on getting little details figured out about my house... cable, electric, internet, etc... and food! I have this long list of things I need to "stock up" on, things like organic olive oil and ketchup I always have here at mom's but won't have in my new house! It's a bit stressful, although I'm only moving 20 minutes away, I like being self-reliant, so I want everything to be all set by the time I get into my house on Monday!!

This morning I ate breakfast while putting together my list of things to stock up on- a classic wafflewich, made the usual way- 2 fig+flax waffles, 1.5 tbsp PB, drizzle of maple syrup, large banana. Perfect finger food to eat while I was analyzing details of my new food situation.

Today I'm going to be busy yet again, exercising, lunch, food shopping and then work at night. Tomorrow will be a similar day!

I think the verdict on my blog situation for when school starts is this; I'll give a basic overview on my schedule for the week on Sunday, letting you know where I'll be and what I'll be doing, and then a nightly update on my food for the day, and a weekly rundown of how I felt, the amount of activity I got in, my overall nutrition, etc. Sound good?

I'm also looking for other ways to improve the blog... anyone have suggestions on what they'd like to see from me? I'll most likely be posting more grocery trips, because I'll be on my own and the food will be mine, and new recipes here and there. I know a lot of other bloggers do product reviews, I like these, but I figure you might have enough of them on other blogs... what about fitness routines, or mini cooking lessons every couple of weeks? Would anyone be interested in that? I could also do a bi-weekly Q&A about cooking, or nutrition... let me know your opinions!


Andrea said...

your new format for the blog sounds excellent!!! :D

good luck with moving everything in. i know what you mean because my house is 30 minutes from my dorm but i still like to be totally prepared!

Ali said...

I would love a video post if you had the chance! You have a great blog and I read everyday, although this is my first comment. I think a baking "segment" would be great with healthier snacks and desserts- im always looking for ways to eat healthy but also yummy desserts!Good luck in school!

Kristin said...

Thanks for commenting! A baking segment, hmm... that might be fun! I'll definately think about doing a video. You can't laugh at my funny voice though ;)