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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunny walk and a tasty sammie

This morning it was beautiful out, so after doing some organizing in my room I decided to take a nice long 45-minute walk around the neighborhood with my Mom. It was a nice walk, not too strenuous but we went up a big hill so we definately got some good exercise in! Maybe we'll try for a power walk next time- my mom and I decided we're going to do a 5k walk in September, so we're going to work up to walking an hour at least once a week for the next month or so! Great exercise and bonding time!

My oatmeal pancake held me over SO well! I didn't need a snack in the morning; instead I ate an early lunch when we got back from walking, about 11:30- which meant the pancake held me for 4 hours, which breakfasts rarely do!
For lunch I put together a salmon-salad sandwich with 1 packet salmon, 1 tbsp dijon nayonaisse, 1 tbsp sliced olives and a few pieces sliced red onion, on sprouted grain bread with some spinach.
I had a few pepper strips and some grapes on the side. This lunch was the perfect size- and super filling!

There was a bit left in the bowl I used to mix, so I ate that too.

I'm going to spend the afternoon doing some more organizing and sorting; I'm preparing to move in a few weeks! I also plan on getting in some of those ab strengthening exercises as well. Anyone have any suggestions as to my morning question on arms??


Andrea said...

mmm love those pancakes too! i'm also running a 10k with my mom this year (at HER pace, aka 9-10 min mile lol)

Green Eyes, Green Heart said...

That's awesome about you & your Mom--because I do the same with mine! We power walk about 5-6 miles a day together, and have been doing so for over a year. Our relationship has grown SO MUCH over that time. Yours will, too!

~Erin @ "Vegan & the City"