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Monday, September 1, 2008

First week Back

I'm still trying to think up a good name for my new Sunday blog-installment, but I think "first week back" (to school that is) pretty much sums up the next seven days!
I've always been a fan of back-to-school, from new notebooks, clean shoes, the 'first day outfit' (my mom always took a picture!)... this year I have a pile of Mead Flex notebooks, my shoes are a bit dirty, and I'll probably be sporting my favorite jeans with a cute top and a scarf (as always!). I AM excited about my new Vera bag and Built NY lunch bag though ;)

My first day of craziness starts today, Monday September 1st. WOW, It's September already?!?!
I'm trying to finish up some last minute packing, and I have a lot to do before I move, so I'll try and post a couple times today, but chances are my dinner post won't come until tomorrow.

Here's my basic schedule for the Week of 9/1-9/6:

Breakfast and blog
Walk with Mom
Pick up cable box, quick school supplies trip with dad
Pick up keys from Realtor
Arrive at house, MOVE IN!
Run a couple errands with roommate Tyler
Dinner at Crazy Burger

Run in new neighborhood
Breakfast/Lunch at home
U.R.I. for a few school errands
Meet Danielle (aka the best friend) for her birthday
BIG Italian feast a casa Daniela!

Breakfast at home
Class 10-11 a.m.
Class 11-12 a.m.
LUNCH on campus
Study/wait for Danielle
Meet up with Danielle, visit some friends
Dinner at home
Yoga 7-9

Workout at home in a.m.
Lunch at house
Class 2-3
Snack/Study time!
Class 5-6:15
Dinner at home

Breakfast at home
Gym in morning
Class 10-11
Class 11-12
Packed lunch on Campus
Class 2-4
Work 4-9
finally home after a frenzied few days, I'm sure!

Breakfast at home
Travel to path; long run in morning
Lunch at home
School work I'm sure
Dinner out
Small party for Danielle in evening!

Should be one heck of a week, I'm hoping it goes well!

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