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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl talk and a first for the house

Morning all!
First of all, I would like to apologize for being the most ignorant blogger in the world... I totally left off my planned weekly recap, AND schedule for the week, this weekend was too crazy! I have been nonstop since friday, I'm glad I have this morning to cool off and settle down.
Last night my friend Danielle came over for some girl talk... I wasn't feeling to happy and neither was she, so we sat down and talked with the last slivers of coconut cake and some strawberries.

I felt a bit better afterwards, but I'm still not the happiest camper... life has taken a bit of a weird turn for me, I'm not so sure what I'm going to do about it yet!!

But anyway, I'm not going to let anything bring me down!
Here's my basic plan for the rest of the week:
Today- It's supposed to be rainy, but we'll see how the weather turns out.
The plan is some studying, a run, lunch and then off to campus.
2-3:15- Kinesiology!
3:30-5- Studying/snack
5-6:15- Writing
Home, dinner, study, sleep

Strength training at home in morning
10-11-Food Management
11-12- Anatomy
Lunch on campus/Study time!
3p.m.-Nurtition Club meeting
Evening- dinner
7:30-9 Yoga

Run at home in morning
Study, Lunch
2-3:15 Kinesiology
5-6:15 Writing
Afterwards- back to my friend Eric's,
cooking my guy friends a big shrimp scampi dinner

Gym in morning (I might try a new spinning class!)
10-11-Food Management
11-12- Anatomy
2-3:50- Computer Apps in Nutrition
4-9- Work
Afterwards... I might have a couple Italian friends over!!

This morning, I woke up ready to start my relaxing morning and busy afternoon. I fueled up with one of my favorite breakfasts, the first time having it in my new house! The official return of the... WAFFLEWICH!
This time, featuring two 7 grain Kashi Waffles, about 1.5 tbsp PB, a big banana, a drizzle of maple syrup and a few strawberries for garnish. Mmm, mmm! I am loving my new toaster/toaster oven =)

Time to go get some studying done... I'm hoping this rain holds off so my break can be a nice run! We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get everything figured out, don't stress, you can do it!

Waffle sandwich=Love.

I'm a little biased here (being a spin instructor) but I would have to encourage you to definitely try that new class this week! They are so much fun :)