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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Glad it's over

ast night I had a bit of Italian dark chocolate when a craving hit, and a few grapes before bed.

I was up late talking to friends, again... I really need to stop saying I'm going to get sleep and actually sleep!!

Today was quite the stressful day...
I woke up this morning, my camera died, my phone wasn't working, the internet was down, I was exhausted AND someone almost hit me on the way to school. sigh.
The day got better, but it was two hard classes, sitting at the Nutrition Club booth at the Student Organization fair for a while, and a whole lot of studying...
So I'm glad it's over... well, sort of.
I still have sooo much work to do! I hate it!
I'm planning on doing anatomy studying, getting all my stuff ready for tomorrow... I might just have to bake to calm myself down.

At least Nutrition wise I was on the ball today!
I woke up bright and early for 25 minutes of my weekly Self strength routine.
After I was finished, I was nice and hungry- so I made myself a wafflewich with about 1.5 tbsp PB, a drizzle of syrup and a big banana on 2 flaxplus waffles. Just as filling and yummy as always!

For snacks, I packed an apple for mid-morning and a S'mores Pure Protein to hold me until dinner. I did NOT like this. I looooved the peanut butter chocolate one, it tasted like a candy bar to me! But the s'mores? Tasted like metal. No yummy marshmallowy-chocolately taste like I expected. Yuck.

Lunch was a mix of a few things; the rest of the garlic hummus with some baby carrots to dip, 1 cup cottage cheese and some wheat crackers. This was a great protein filled mix that held me over really well until I had my bar a few hours later.

Dinner tonight was delicious even though I was so tired I was in no mood to cook. I pan seared some frozen wild salmon filets in olive oil and a garlic/chili powder/s&p rub, and had some evoo/s&p roasted asparagus as well as a heaping cup of whole wheat couscous.

My kind of meal! This was so perfect to end a stressful day.


VeggieGirl said...

Eek, sorry that the bar was metallic-tasting :0(

Hope you can get some much-needed rest tonight!!

erica said...

Oh no, I bought that bar the other day.. now I'm scared to eat it, haha.

Anonymous said...

I like the s'mores Pure Protein bar alright, but you should definitely try the Peanut Marshmallow's even better than the Peanut butter chocolate flavor, I'm sure you'd like it!