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Monday, September 1, 2008

New home happiness

I think it is safe to say I LOVE my new house! It's everything I remembered and more! I have the comfiest bed, a nice sized kitchen (well, for two of us!) and the cupboards are filled to the brim with delicious foods!

This afternoon I had two snacks; a protein shake made with water on the way to the house, and then some mango pieces later on.

After unpacking for HOURS, my parents left, my friend Danielle stopped by and Danielle, Tyler and I went to Crazy Burger for dinner. I was starving by the time I got there, I ordered a sun tea, which held me until dinner came.

For dinner, I ordered the Poco Loco vegan burger- a mix of tempeh, brown rice and beans, topped with avocado in a tomato tortilla, served with the BEST vegan sour cream, and spicy salsa. I finished the ENTIRE burger and 1/2 the sauces. On the side I had the balsamic bean salad, which I ate 3/4 of.

I was SO full, but of course I had room for Crazy Burger's famous dessert, the Raspberry Key Lime Pie... which was INCREDIBLE! I can't believe I've never had it before, it's definitely now in my top 10 fave desserts! The three of us split it, but I could have definitely eaten a whole slice (or two!) myself!!

Back home, I had a small sliver of Tyler's mom's fabulous zucchini bread... and half a Heineken (the roommate's 21, so I had a couple sips!) Now I am SO exhausted, so I'm going to get some rest and get up bright and early for another busy day!

Here's my awesome roommate Tyler in our new kitchen, with the zucchini bread of course!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the move went well and you are loving it!

And that raspberry key lime pie looks absolutely AMAZING. Raspberry and key lime, what a great sounding combo.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like your house it is so exciting to have your own place and we able to food shop and cook and not worry about being in a dorm

VeggieGirl said...

Welcome home! :0)

Anonymous said...

I just moved into a new apartment at school last week- isn't it nice to have a kitchen to cook in at school?

Zucchini bread is one of my faves (my mom even made it as a birthday "cake" for me this year)- that slice looks delish!