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Monday, September 1, 2008

Packing it all up

I was going to say, "Afternoon", but it isn't afternoon yet! Thats so crazy to me, because I've already done so much this morning!
After breakfast, I finished packing my last bit of clothes, then my Mom and I went on a nice 45 minute walk around the neighborhood, before I came back, showered and had a small snack- a light cheese stick to hold me over,

I went out with my dad, stopping at Staples for a new flash drive and desk chair, and then to the Cox Communications store for my cable box and internet pack!! I'm hoping to have my new wireless up and running tonight, I guess we'll see what happens!

Back home, I was already ready for lunch, so I made myself an easy egg white omelet with some fresh tomato, spinach and olives. On the side I had a piece of multigrain loaf (my favorite!), and the rest of the cottage cheese (only about 1/3 cup) with some blueberries. I hit ALL the food groups! Whoo! It was just filling enough also, so I was excited about that =)

Veggie full

A balanced meal

I'm off to finish loading my car, and then get my keys and move into the house. I'll post pictures when I can! I'm so excited!!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE omelets for lunch! That looks amazing. Good luck packing everything :)