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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, what a night!

Last night's party was a HUGE success, things actually didn't even go as planned... but we had a great time anyway! I had a huge piece of coconut cake, as well as a few tortilla chips while I was there. There was a gigantic storm outside, 40mph winds, downpour, the works (leftover hurricane weather!)... so I didn't end up going home at night. I spent the night at my friend Eric's along with a few of my other friends, slept in, and in the morning we went out for breakfast. Sorry I have no picture, I left my camera in the car and I didn't want to run and grab it after we had already ordered!! I ordered one of the specials; a tomato/basil/provolone omelet. I totally forgot to ask for egg whites, so I had my full eggs for the week! It came with homefries, which I didn't touch, and two pieces of buttered toast- I chose the cranberry walnut bread, and ate 1 piece, the less-buttered one! It was delicious, and filled me up completely!

Since we ate breakfast so late, I'm probably just going to have a snack before work, and have a bigger work dinner instead of a full lunch.

I have sooo much to do; I'm so sad the weekend is over- I'm totally forgot how fast they go by during school!!

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