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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Refreshing start

I had a great night's sleep, I'm sure resulting from the relief of most of my big tasks being finished for the week. (Phew!)
I woke up, made myself one of my favorite breakfasts, Choco-Berry Banana Smoothie! I made it the usual delicious way, a heaping 1/2 cup frozen berries, a cup of nonfat soy milk, a scoop of Jay Robb protein powder and a big banana. This filled up TWO whole piggie glasses, and I finished every last drop!

This carb and protein filled breakie was perfect for my cool morning run. It's getting colder here, so the run started off a bit chilly but as I got going it became incredibly invigorating, I did the whole usual 25 minute loop in about 24 minutes, so I ran around a bit more to finish off the last minute, and came back inside to guzzle some water and get ready for the day.

I'm about to head over to my mom's preschool, where they're celebrating Veggie Week as their theme, so I'm going as "Miss Kristin" from the nutrition program at URI to tell the 2-3 year olds why eating veggies will make them healthy =)
Should be a lot of fun! I love kids... well, for short periods of time!

Afterwards I'm off to school for my late day of classes, and then I'm going out with a high school friend for some quick eats and a movie. So, I won't be back until late but I'll recap later tonight or in the morning!

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