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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sushi and Romance

Tonight was a nice night out!
I'm exhausted, but tonight it was great to relax over a comforting dinner and nice movie.
We went to sushi before the movie, and I immediately ordered tea and miso soup to warm me up!

Worked like a charm! They were both warm and delicious. For our meals, my mom and I chose to share two sushi rolls and some green gyoza vegetable dumplings. We ordered our favorites; California roll (classic, of course) and spicy scallop! I had three dumplings, two pieces of spicy scallop and three california.

I was full, but not too full, so I felt great!

We went to go see Nights in Rodanthe with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Both my mom and I love that pair, and they were really great together. I liked the story, but I have to say I preferred the book version!
I surprised my mom with our favorite movie snacks; the portion-controlled way. Instead of buying huge 2-3 serving movie theatre packs, I bought us each small bags of Raisinets, and it was just enough to keep my mouth and sweet tooth occupied during the movie.

I think I'm going to settle down with more tea some new cooking magazines and get to sleep early! I need my rest for sure!

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Andrea said...

awww im seeing that movie tnite with my roomie and our moms :)

<3raisinettes, good choice!!