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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week over, a week beginning

Tonight for dinner I just ate the quick meal I picked up at the whole foods bar; an assortment of different tofus, some udon noodles, a dumpling, some grilled veggies and a bit of seitan. It was just enough to fill me up after a day full of food!

I promised you all I would do a weekly recap of how I felt my eating, exercise, overall attitude towards life, etc... was during the past week, because of my shorter posts.
So lets talk about last week...

Exercise- I felt as though even though I'm just really starting to get into the swing of things with school, exercise-wise I was pretty on-target. Monday I did cardio and arms, Tuesday a run and abs, Wednesday strength, Thursday a run and abs, Friday legs and cardio, and Saturday my long run.

Eating- This week was a crazy week, but I managed to stay pretty on-target, for the most part. Monday was a healthy day, I did splurge at night and have a piece of coconut cake, and a granola-cracker... which was a bit more than I needed.
Tuesday I had a great start to the day; the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks I had were good... I had a milkshake with my friend Eric, which now that I think of it was NOT needed with the coconut cake the night before... I'm trying to build muscle here, these extra treats aren't the best =/...
Wednesday's smoothie and snack were great, as was my lunch, then I made the good choice to have a Chobani for a snack to hold me so I wasn't starving for dinner. My fritatta was great for dinner, but I did have a couple snacks at night because I was up soooo late... I don't like eating so late!
Thursday I had a great breakfast, lunch and snack were good, and I didn't go overboard at dinner, even though I had a splurge-shrimp scampi.
Friday was a bit overboard- my day was good, but when I came home I had almost a second dinner because I didn't want to refuse Danielle's cooking! Plus some wine and chocolate, popcorn... I think this week was a little too much of a splurge for me. I love having my treats, and theres no problem with it, but I think I need to control my late night habits so I don't get into a big habit.

I felt pretty good this week, it was a fun week, I'm getting a little nervous about upcoming tests, but otherwise I'm hanging in there with school and work!

Here's my Weekly Plan for next week...

Tonight- Studying, Gelato with Eric (today is my splurge for the week!)

Gym in a.m.
Classes 10-12
Packed lunch on Campus
Lab 3-5
Home for dinner; rest

Run early
Work 8-1
(Lunch at work)
Classes 2-6
Home for an easy dinner

Strength at home in morning
Classes 10-12
Lunch on campus
Volunteering for Nutrition Club 1-2
Home; dinner
[No yoga this week- no extra cash! =( ]

Run in morning
Meet Aunt for lunch
Classes 2-6
Eric's house for dinner

Spin class in a.m.
Classes 10-12
Lunch on campus
Class 2-4
Work 4-9
Rest night!

Errands morning!
Work 3-9
Party at my friend's house

I am in for a busy week!!

This week I am vowing to get back on track with my eating. Treats will be healthier and intentional!

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Andrea said...

love the pics with your sis :) that salad looks sooo yummy. good luck this week. 'see you' tomorrow!