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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bunny's back

The energizer bunny is back! After a restless night of sleep, I was up bright and early again for another long day!

The morning started off well; I packed my bags, and headed over to the gym for an awesome workout. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 on the bike, and spent 20 minutes doing arm exercises. Here's my routine-
2 sets each, 15 reps of Jenna from Eat, Live, Run's Tricep routine.
2 sets 15 reps bicep curls, 8 lbs
2 sets 15 reps lat pulldown, 50 lbs
2 sets 15 reps bench press, 30 lbs

I felt good, and ate my breakfast on the way to school!
I packed a container of Kashi Go Lean, a 0% chobani and a banana for a meal on the go.

For lunch, I was excited to try another New York Bagel my dad brought me back from the city- I had half with some hummus, carrots and a cheese stick for lunch. I was too full for the apple, so I saved it!

For snacks I packed peanut butter power- a mini pb clif bar for a pre-workout snack, and a peanut butter chocolate pure protein bar for a snack before lab.

This held me over well until I got home for dinner, where I made healthier chick'n parm, using quorn cutlets, tomato/basil/garlic sauce, reduced fat mozarella and a bit of grated parm. On the side we had steamed spinach, a cup of brown rice, and a cup of red wine. Balanced and delicious!


Anonymous said...

I had a peanut butter chocolate pure protein bar before my workout today, I love those things! You had a busy day, hope you get some rest tonight! :)

Green Eyes, Green Heart said...

There is nothing better than an NY bagel... All other "bagels" surrender in it's presence... :D