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Friday, October 3, 2008

Boys night, girls' night

Thursday and Friday are quite the days for me this week!
Yesterday I had an admittedly pretty terrible day.
Work was not good, I don't really want to get into details but I might be getting a new job soon because frankly, my priority is doing well in school, not working at a drugstore.
But, the day got progressively worse... and then eventually it lightened up.
Classes were hard because I was in a horrible mood all afternoon, but after school I headed over to my friend Eric's house where we had our Thursday boys night with Tyler and Nick... I tried BBQ Chicken Pizza for the first time, and I had to say I enjoyed it!

This kind had bacon on it, and I'm not a big fan so I picked most of it off and gave it to Eric. I did have two big thin crust slices though. It was delicious! I also convinced Eric to order us a salad (of course I was the only one who ate any...), he ordered a greek salad with a light vinagrette on the side. I had two servings with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives and feta with a bit of dressing. I also had 1/2 this coconut macaroon after a treat to end my looonnnggg distressing day!

and slice two:


This was definately not the healthiest of meals, but I attempted to lighten it up by taking off some of the fatty bacon, and keeping the feta/dressing on the salad minimal. I felt full afterwards, but not too full!

Later that night I headed out to a party with Nick, which ended up being a lot of fun- but we did get back pretty late, so I didn't get too much sleep!

This morning I woke up and I KNEW I needed my daily energy boosters- exercise and coffee. hehe. So I had 1/2 a clif bar and headed to the gym for a 55 minute sweat-session- 30 minutes on the elliptical doing light hills at level 5 and 25 minutes doing biceps, triceps and lats. I felt great after, energized as usual! I had my breakfast on the go as I tend to do when I go to the gym- today I packed a 1 cup container of cottage cheese along with 1/2 cup kashi go lean honey, almond flax and a banana that was definately ready to be eaten! When I got to school I had a small Starbucks organic coffee with a splash of Silk soymilk.

Classes were ok; my exam was harder than expected, so I'm not sure how that went. I got out early in Anatomy for once which was great! For lunch I packed my new fave turkey sammie- 2 slices turkey, spinach, bread/butter pickles and a garlic/herb laughing cow wedge on 2 pieces ezekiel bread. I also had some carrots and a pear, which I hope will hold me until the snack I packed- a PB larabar (!).

Dinner will be a little late tonight; I'm going to see my sister play volleyball, and then we have a girl's night planned complete with mexican food, girly movies and girly snacks! Since last night was a bit of a splurge I'm going to try and keep my treats to a minimum tonight and stay healthier the rest of the weekend.

I hope y'all have a great Friday!


Danielle said...

Aw you're so busy with exciting plans! Have a great weekend :) and I'm sure you rocked that test!

VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy your weekend!!