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Friday, October 3, 2008

Ballin' and Burritos

Today was a good afternoon; I sped through my computer apps class and was on the road by 3 p.m. to get some errands done before I went to my sister's game. Did the usual routine, rite aid, bank, etc. I snacked on my pb larabar as I shopped.
Later I headed to my sister's volleyball game with Tyler. It was great to see her play, even though 'gansett lost 2/3 games, she did well! Look at this great action shot!

By the end of the games, I was STARVING... so we called in El Fuego, of course! We quickly picked up our orders, sped home, and I gobbled my meal down! I am stuffed silly! I had the usual; a veggie burrito which has mexican rice, cheese, beans, mushrooms, pepper and zucchini. I dipped in some sour cream and home made salsa.

I also had some chips with sour cream, salsa and a few of Tyler's leftover jalepenos!

I don't think I can eat another bite. But, then again, that might change in an hour or so when we choose a movie and dig into the movie snacks... should be a fun sister's night!

Edited to add: Yep, I did some snacking- a couple scoops from the pb m&ms, a whole bunch of pumpkins and a few candy corn, and a few red gummy bears. The movie was great, we had a fun night!

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