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Friday, October 10, 2008

Checking In

Hey guys, just checking in because I didn't post yesterday. Sorry! It was a very frenzied day, pretty much nonstop. I wanted to go for my usual run, but it was raining in the morning when I woke up so I just did about 30 minutes of leg/ab strength exercises before making my breakfast. I had a warm filling bowl of 3/4 cup exeziel cereal heated in 1 cup vanilla soy milk and mixed with a sliced banana. Mmm! It held me over 4 hours, until I snacked on a PB mini clif bar during work.

I was excited for my lunch- it was easy to prep (just thrown in the bag with an ice pack and a spoon!), my mom had stopped by my house the night before and brought me a broccoli pie from one of my favorite Italian bakeries. It's pretty much just spicy seasoned broccoli cooked with a bit of evoo in delicious fresh baked dough. On the side I had a new yogurt, which I loved- Vanilla Chai flavor! I still love my Chobanis the best, but this was a nice change.

Mid-afternoon I got hungry again so I snacked on a clif Mojo bar, and a bit later a Macintosh apple.

I was SO excited about dinner- it was Thursday, so I had my usual dinner with the boys,except Eric had a bit of a car mishap so it ended up just being Tyler, Nick and I and I saved Eric leftovers.
[ And for all those who were wondering, Nick is my best guy friend Eric's roommate, and my occasional arm candy ;) ]

I made Italian-style turkey meatballs, just like we made them in Italy (except in Calabria they used Vitello, or veal. I lightened mine up with poultry instead!)I made a couple modifications, so I'll post the recipe for you all soon!

I had 4 medium style meatballs, over spaghetti in a Cabernet Marinara sauce. I also had a small glass of red wine to go along with the theme! It was an absolutely delicious dinner and I was so proud of myself for getting the meatballs right!

It was a great day (work was easy, school went well- I got As on both my Kinesiology exam and project!!) and a great night- but it was long, and I am SO psyched for this long weekend!

This morning I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and 25 minutes doing triceps/biceps/lats. I felt strong and energized, but I'm still ready for a coffee!
Before I left I snacked on the other half of my PB choc chip clif bar, and for breakfast I packed the usual trio- 1 cup Kashi Go Lean, a 0% Chobani and a big banana.


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, that broccoli pie sounds scrumptious.


HangryPants said...

Broccoli pie is one of my favorites!