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Friday, October 10, 2008

Early Weekend

Today I had an early start to my weekend! I got out of class at 12, so I ate my lunch outside in the beautiful fall air before heading out early to run some errands. For lunch I had 3 oz of tuna I mixed with 1 tbsp nayonaisse, some lemon juice, dijon mustard and a few olive slices on top of spinach with some chopped fresh tomato on a whole wheat wrap. Yum! This was a delicious tuna wrap. On the side I had a juicy peach.

I ate this at 12, and I don't even fill a hint of hunger 2.5 hours later, so I can't post my snack yet; but I will show you guys what I picked up at the grocery store:

Produce: bananas, green bell pepper, onion, baby carrots, peaches, pears, hummus

Other stuff:

Ground turkey for chili, chicken sausages (I've been wanting to try these!) 1% whipped cottage cheese (can't wait to use this in oatmeal!!), chobani vanilla and plain, laughing cow light swiss

3 kinds of Rachel's yogurt (so excited to try these!!), spicy diced tomatoes, bread/butter pickles.

I didn't spend too much either, which is great because I am on SUCH a budget nowadays!

My dinner post is going to be late or tomorrow, because I'm spending the night at my sister's volleyball game, then out with the fam and I'm staying at home this evening!!

Hope your weekends start off as great as mine!

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VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for starting your weekend early - enjoy!!