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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Humpday hassles

I think it's about time to look into investing a NEW memory card... grr...
Well, here are my eats so far today:

I woke up nice and early and did a 30 minutes strength routine, doing 2 sets of 12 of each of the Self moves I do, plus some work on the Bosu ball. It was a great workout!

After my strengthening, I immediately headed to the kitchen where I made my favorite creamy oats for breakfast. The standard 1/2 cup oats in 1 cup water, spoonful PB, big banana and 1/2 cup 0% chobani. Today I added a fall twist- fresh maple syrup (about 2 tsp) along with my shake of cinnamon! Mmm, it was delightful!

For lunch, I packed a turkey sammie on my new fave honey flax bread with 2 slices organic antibiotic-free smoked turkey breast, a laughing cow light, 2 bread/butter pickle slices and some spinach. On the side I packed a juicy peach and some bell pepper strips. For a mid-morning snack I packed a mini clif bar.

This morning I have my regular food managment class, and then my second exam in Anatomy. I'm definately nervous, but not nearly as nervous as my first exam! I'm hoping I'll do better this time around.
After my exam and lunch I'm heading to Target with my friend Eric to do some de-stressing shopping, and then I'll be home later in the evening for dinner. I have to write another paper tonight but I'll try my hardest to get dinner up tonight!

And lets cross our fingers I'll have pictures...

Happy hump day all!

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VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, so sorry about your camera!! :0(

Good luck with the exam!!