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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday laziness, Monday Madness

Oh, boy... its already Tuesday and I haven't blogged since Sunday Morning!!!
A dozen lashes with a wet noodle for the bad, bad blogger I've been!

Life has just been crazy, truly.
Sunday was a lazy, lazy day- I literally laid in bed all day, doing some work, hanging out. I didn't get hungry until mid-afternoon, when I snacked on an apple before I went grocery shopping with Nick.

I was starving by the time I got back to Nick's house with his groceries, so he cooked us up a yummy (but not so healthy) lunch. I'll call it a "boy lunch"... tasty, but the nutrition is lacking so it's a once-in-a-while treat. But I was grateful he made me lunch =)
Chicken patties on whole wheat sesame buns with bbq sauce, and seasoned baked steak fries with some ketchup:

This surprisingly held me over (fat and protein I'm sure!) all evening, until I made us a late dinner.
I marinated some frozen Alaskan Cod filets in lemon juice, and then rubbed them with a dry mix of garlic/parsley/oregano/basil/s&p, and pan fried them quickly with a bit of EVOO. On the side we had some bulgar pilaf made with veg broth and a salad of greens, tomatoes, bell pepper, olives and a bit of feta. Yum!

No late night snack, I was far too full, and wayyyy too tired- I headed to bed just before 10 I was so exhausted- probably from being a lazy bum all day ;)

Monday I woke up a bit more energized. I snacked on 1/2 a chocolate chip PB clif bar before heading to the gym for an intense 1 hour workout. I did 30 minutes of hills on the elliptical, 10 on the bike, and then worked triceps, biceps and lats again with free weights for 25 minutes. I felt awesome afterwards!
On the way to school I had my breakfast- a cup of Kashi Go Lean honey, almond, flax, a plain 0% chobani and a banana.

Held me over all morning until I dug into my lunch- I packed a turkey/laughing cow/pickle/spinach sammie on my new favorite bread: Honey Flax!!. This was soft and tasty, and packed with nutrients! I can't wait to eat it again! I also had a delicious nectarine on the side.

I spent time in the library studying as usual, and then had a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pure Protein bar to hold me through lab.

During lab, I was talking to one of the girls near me when she mentioned she was going to a Rise Against concert later that evening only about an hour and a half away later that evening. My ears perked up as soon as she said this, because Nick LOVES Rise Against, and I like them too- so I got the details, and we made a crazy spontaneous decision to disregard all evening study/food plans and go to a rock concert! As soon as I arrived home from lab I changed my clothes and we were on the road! Dinner was a quick stop at Subway- I got a 6" sweet onion teriyaki chicken on honey oat with provolone and ALL the veggies, including jalepenos of course! This was actually an incredibly delicious sammie, and held me almost all night! Go Subway!

I did grab a Kashi Trail Mix bar at a stop on the way home though- my stomach was growling and I knew I wouldn't make it an hour and a half without food!!
We got home late, but it was SO worth it!!

Today I forced myself to get up early for a quick 20 minute run, as tired as I was. I knew I needed it to jumps start my day! I had 1/2 of this clif bar before I left; and I ate the other half for a mid-morning snack.

For breakfast I used a packet of Jay Robb protein power I forgot I had to make my fave choco-banana-berry soymilk smoothie (now I'm really out! boo!).

Lunch at work was a simple artichoke kalamata hummus (1/4 cup) wrap with spinach and a slice of provolone, some carrots and a crisp apple.

I forgot to take pics of my snacks; sorry! Mid-afternoon I snacked on a Vanilla Chobani and then about an hour later I snacked on some Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crips during my Writing group meeting. I had 7- about half a serving.

This held me until dinner, when I made myself a quick but DELICIOUS Chick'n Stirfry! This was a HUGE portion, but the majority was veggies and quorn over 1 cup of rice, so it was filling but not too much.

Here's what I used:
Stirfry fit for a Queen
approx 2 tsp sesame oil
1/3 cup veg broth
a few dashes garlic powder
a few dashes chili powder
tamari soy sauce
1.5 cups frozen stirfry veggies
1 cup frozen quorn pieces (faux chicken!)

I heated the oil in the pan, added the frozen veggies/quorn and let it meld for a bit, added some soy sauce, the spices, then the veg broth, and let it all soak together until most of the liquid was absorbed and I had a hot, steamy stirfry I poured over a cup of brown rice. Mmm, mmm!

I ate every last bite!

I'm off to go study for my anatomy exam tomorrow morning! Wish me luck, and SORRY AGAIN for the delayed post!


VeggieGirl said...

No worries about the delayed post - life gets busy, especially with school commitments!!

Good luck studying tonight!!

meghanN said...

I feel like i missed something! is nick a new boyfriend? :)