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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magnificent mush

Admittedly, I am a big mush fan. I love crunch, and I especially love chew, but mush... as long as it's tasty mush can just be so great! I joke around with my mom; "I can't decide if I'm 5 or 95" when I text her craving pudding, like the other night... last night after studying I had another mushy vanilla pudding delight before settling in for the night.

This morning I woke up, and found out the unfortunately that time of year has come, when I throw in my underarmour and say "thats enough"... the cold weather is here and I won't be running outside any time soon. Unless of course it warms up. This morning I slipped on my underarmour and a long sleeve skirt and got ready to head out for a run... 5 minutes into it my eyes were watering, my ears were frozen and my hands were numb. So I reluctantly headed back inside- I really wanted to run, but not in those bitter cold conditions. Instead I did 20 minutes of 10 reps of 5 strength exercises, 3 sets each, and 1 minute of planks before having to get ready for the day.

Breakfast was... you guessed it! A big bowl of mush- oatmeal mush that is! I combined 1/2 cup rolled oats with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup (the remainder) of vanilla hemp milk, threw in a banana, 1/2 cup 0% chobani and threw the rest of the blueberries, as well as a drizzle of pure maple syrup on the top for a sweet, creamy, filling mushy bowl of oats! Yum!

For lunch I made myself another big chickpea salad using spinach, tomatoes, green pepper, olives, onions and 1/2 cup chickpeas with some balsamic vin. I also packed carrots and 1/2 cup cottage cheese for more protein.

Snacks today are a fruit&nut KIND bar and an apple.

I'm leaving early this morning- I have a meeting with my advisor at 10, then I'm spending the morning studying before my classes this evening. It is DEFINATELY going to be a long day but I get to finish it off with some delicious take-out and my first HALLOWEEN PARTY of the year!!

I can't believe it's almost November!

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jess said...

good morning! And happy (day after) halloween- sounds like you had a blast.

Your journey and recovery has been super inspirational and helped to motivate my own- I cannot believe your trip to Italy and have Loved the new outlook and recipes!!!

I wanted to make sure it was alright that I added you to my 'blogroll' on the one I've just started to help me vent/keep me accountable, haha. Please don't feel obligated to do the same- my blog's still Way new and I'm taking it one step at a time.

Have an awesome November- time seems to be flying by!!