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Friday, October 31, 2008

"Theres cookie all over my camera!"

That was my exact explanation at approximately 6:30 a.m. this morning when I groggily dragged myself out of my bed and threw the contents of my purse on my bed (contents: phone, id, $3, lipgloss, gum, two cups (?), a cookie covered camera and a whole lot of crumbs) -I got home way too late to get my stuff together last night...

I met the cookie monster last night. Yes, I ate a couple cookies.
Tyler, Nick and I may have had a little too much fun at the party...
ah, well it was a good time.

Dinner last night was definately not the healthiest- I got out late, as did Nick, so for a pre-halloween treat we ordered pizza for dinner. I kept it to two pieces, which I was quite proud of because I LOVE hawaiian pizza! I kept picking at the pineapple after I finished my pieces. We ordered the honolulu special, which had bacon on it as well; so it was DEFINATELY an indulgence, but at least I stuck with a good portion.

As for today, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
My favorite holiday of the year! If it were up to me, Halloween would be an international holiday, that everyone has off so we can all have a nice 24 hours of good, scary halloween fun!
Unfortunately, I have to squeeze a bit of work in between my fun... but I'm having fun nevertheless!

This morning, as tired as I was I was able to quickly conjure up some healthy eats to bring with me today. I had 1/2 a pb clif bar for a pre-gym snack, and went to the gym for an hour long workout- 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes strength. I was quite tired though (I think I've said that a few times already... hehe) so my strength session was not as intense as I would have liked.
For breakfast on the go I had my usual- a 0% chobani, banana and granola pack.

Lunch today I packed a whole mess of spinach and tomatoes, and a 3-oz pack of tuna mixed with sliced black olives, nayo, dijon and lemon juice to go on top. For sides I packed (can you guess? I'm boring...) carrots and an apple.

I also packed a delish Cherry Pecan Balance Pure bar for a snack later on... I'm picking my sister up after school, we're finding her a costume and then her bf, her bff, my bf, me and my roomie (catch all those abbreviations?) are coming over for a big italian-style pre-halloween dinner!

And then it's partying all night halloween style! Pics from yesterday and today up tomorrow, I PROMISE!


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Hhaha, NICE with the purse ;)

And Happy Halloween! XOXOX