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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pics up and a busy mid week

Whew, another busy Wednesday!
I finally got the pics from the weekend and last couple of days up, sorry for the delay- enjoy them!

This morning I woke up and did a nice 30-minute full body routine that was both strengthening AND sweaty! I felt like I got a good workout in for only a half an hour. Before I started, I ate 1/2 a banana, and after I finished I mixed the other half of the banana, sliced with a cup of 0% chobani and 1 tbsp flax for breakfast, along with my last Apple Crisp muffin. Everyone loved them, I'll have to make more soon!

For a mid-morning snack I had a mini pb clif bar, which was just enough to keep my stomach from growling during anatomy!

After classes were over I headed to the library to get some studying in and had my packed lunch- about 1/4 cup kalamata artichoke hummus, spinach and provolone on a wheat wrap, carrots and an apple.

This was a great lunch, it held me over all afternoon- through errands to two rite aids to make picture cds, a meet up with my mom, a quick trip to the grocery store and one to my friend Eric's, PLUS two hours of studying until finally 4 hours later I was hungry for my snack- about 1/2-3/4 cup 1% whipped cottage cheese topped with a slightly drained peach cup packed in pear juice. Mmmm, sweet, creamy and protein filled so it held me well through the afternoon!

I am all studied out, so it's about time to go make dinner- I have something new and exciting planned!
Pics up after dinner!

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VeggieGirl said...

Great photos!! Glad you were able to add them :0)

Looking forward to seeing the dinner!!