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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Victory Eats

Last night was a mixture of good and bad... I had a nice afternoon, I snacked on a new Clif mojo bar on the way to my parents' house, and then hung out with my mom in the afternoon before we headed to Alison's volleyball game. The game went well, I got to see Ali play and she did a great job! We didn't get to eat until late though, because no one could decide what they wanted. So I was a very hungry girl, and a bit cranky because of it... blame it on the hunger, but while I was there I snagged a bite of my cousin's dark chocolate brownie, and had a small butterscotch hard candy.
When we finally decided on dinner, we headed up the street and grabbed Markos syrian food for dinner- I had my favorite heathy baked falafel wrap, with hummus, lettuce,tomato, pickles and falafel all wrapped up in a bit fresh pita.

It filled me up, but I still had room for the little treat we had...
They ended up winning their game, so my family went out to Friendly's to celebrate. I don't normally like ice cream at these places (not worth it to me), but I had to have this fun once-a-year treat... the Spooky Oreo Friend-Z! I have always been a fan of oreo ice cream and soft serve... so this was a delicious, albeit EXTREMELY indulgent treat- especially since there was orange frosting swirled in for a fun halloween twist!

So, I got home, stuffed after all the food... and was a bit stressed out after learning some not so good news about my Anatomy scores (still not passing... not a happy girl, especially after hours and hours of studying...) and ended up snacking on some little wine cookies from Italy while reading before bed. Definately not the healthiest night, and I definately did some "emotional eating" which I have to keep a watch on.

But today is a new day. I'm at the parents' house, and for breakfast I raided their cupboards and found a yummy new granola- Kashi Orchard Spice. I definately wanted to try this, but it was very calorie dense- 220kcals for 1/2 cup, so I stuck to 1 serving with 1/2 cup nonfat soy milk, and had 1/3 cup scrambled egg whites with s&p on the side. It was very yummy and filling!

I'm planning on using the treadmill in a bit, and then later on this morning I'm going to my high school's homecoming football game before I have to work later on this afternoon. Lunch/Dinner will definately be on-the-go... I'll be posting late this evening or tomorrow morning!

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Andrea said...

oooh friendlys icecream is so tempting. i usually treat myself to it once a year too (we have a friendlys in my hometown and it's always a meeting spot for my friends haha). anyways, i think you deserved a little treat! don't worry about it at all - you eat so healthy all the time! also, it will speed up your metabolism ;) that's what i tell myself after a day of treats lol. great job with starting off the day with a healthy, hearty bfast after a rough night. you will get back in the groove. you're a great example kristin!! it would be weird/not human if you never experienced a day when you wanted to go a little of the path.

i'm sorry about the anatomy news. i hope it gets better. maybe go in for extra help with the teacher or get a tutor? i hate doing that but sucking up goes a long way ;)

feel better girl!!