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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Morning everyone! It is chillllyyy here in R.I... my car said 24 degrees when I headed to the gym at 7am this morning! Below freezing! It was like 60 degrees last week! Gotta love New England...

Anyways I got to school early so I'm at the library and I figured I'd do a quick post before I grab a coffee and get to class.

Breakfast this morning was (big surprise) 0% chobani, Quaker oatmeal squares and a banana. Pre-workout was a lovely 1/2 PB choc chip clif bar (I'm so predictable!)
And my workout was an intense 30 mins on the elliptical 30 minutes of biceps, triceps, lats and delts.

Lunch today is my fave Turkey Sammie- 2 big slices organic smoked turkey, 1 tbsp hummus, spinach and a light laughing cow on an Arnold sandwich thin. For sides I packed a bartlett pear and some carrot sticks.

For my snack today I cracked open a new can of mixed nuts... mmm!

This afternoon I have a Nutrition Club Meeting, which are always fun- and we're getting our sweatshirts in!! Whoo! I'll take a pic and show you when I bring it home =)
Have a great day, stay warm all you Northerners!


VeggieGirl said...

Same temperature here as well - bundle up for your day!! :-D

jess said...

Brrr, it's cold here too; though not as cold (but being from so. cal, i think anything under 55 is frigid! So you can imagine how 40 feels, haha).

You work those guns girlie! What's nutrition club?

sikegami said...

Hi, I am enjoying your blog!
A nutrition club, that is soooo cool! I would love to know more about it! Have a great day!

Olga said...

I'm in Massachusetts and it's also 23 degrees out here! Brrrrrr

hk said...

hollllyyy burrrr :) is it cold, or what??? boston is chilllllehh!!!

have fun at nutrition tonight!

Kristin said...

Nutrition Club is a club at my University started by Nutrition majors; but its anyone who's interested in nutrition! Our goal is basically to spread nutrition around campus and the community; we volunteer around RI, set up nutrition tables and events on campus, and have meetings where we discuss planning these and new nutrition findings, sometimes we try new products... its a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Nutrition club sounds fun! Who cares about the predictable eats - if it's not broken why fix it, right?! Our high today is supposed to be 32F...not fun :( Try not to freeze!