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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day of Victory

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." -President Elect Barack Obama

Hello, America! I'd like to start off by saying, Thank you to everyone else who voted for Obama, I am excited beyond words, I think he is a powerful man who will do great things for our nation!
(And I'm pretty happy I don't have to move in with Nick's family in Canada. Which was my plain if McCain won. I'm not a big Palin fan. I kinda like America. teehee)

Anyways today was a victorious day in more ways than one. Unfortunately, I slept a bit late and was off to an early start, but I got a GREAT night's sleep even though I stayed up to watch Obama's fantastic speech!

I started off with 1/2 a PB choc chip clif bar to fuel my gym workout- I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of strength. I'm doing well with the increased weight, I definately feel it so thats progress!
For breakfast I had my 0% chobani and banana as usual, but subbed a Maple-Walnut Pumpkin Muffin for cereal today! Mmm, mmm- I'll definately have to post this recipe, I think it's my best yet!

I was anxious all throughout Food Management class today- when I have an Anatomy exam, it's hard to think about food costs and ordering! Then came my Anatomy exam. It wasn't fun, and I was SO glad when it was over... but it went ok. Which is HUGE compared to the last couple of tests. I was so-so on 12, but pretty sure about 6 of them. Ok, so thats either a 78% or a 88%. If I got EITHER of those scores, it would be higher than my current average... so I'd be pretty darn excited! Fingers crossed!

I was starving after burning all of those brain calories during my exam, so I made my lunch while studying Kinesiology notecards for my exam tomorrow. I packed a turkey sammie on my new fave Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thins, with the usual spinach, light laughing cow and pickles. I packed carrots and super ripe pear on the side.

I ran some errands after class and headed home to do some work. I snacked on an apple and 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese to hold me until dinner.

I went to my sister's last volleyball game, and although they lost she tried her best and I'm still very proud of her! And, CONGRATS to my cousin Sammie for a great last year on the V-ball team! Tonight was senior night so she got flowers and a present for being such a cool chick and an awesome volleyball player =)

I got very hungry during the game despite my snack (because the game went until 7!!) so I snacked on a couple small handfuls of pretzel goldfish that were offered to me.

When I got home all I could think of was, FOOD. NOW. So I made myself a quick 'n delicious Shrimp & Veggie Stirfry. I added 1 tsp peanut oil to a deep pan and added about 1.25 cups frozen stirfry veggies, as well as some broth, soy sauce, a squirt of agave, some garlic powder, ginger and red pepper flakes. After the veggies were hot I added the shrimp and covered it in foil for a few minutes so the flavor could meld. Meanwhile, I heated 1 cup of whole wheat spaghetti, topped it with the piping hot stirfry mix and topped it with some sesame seeds. Mmm, spicy and tasty! I gobbled this all up in about 5 minutes flat! I was starving, and this was perfect- quick and satisfying (my favorite combo!)

I'm going to do a bit more studying before I rest for the night. My brain is pretty much shot after this last week of studying the autonomic nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, circulation and heart systems. Whew! This girl needs a study break!


jess said...

You're making shrimp look Sooo good- AND I just found out it's on sale at safeway right now... hmmm, ideas ideas! Big congrats to your sister. And I would say that you have more than earned a study break- any big plans/celebratory ideas... some well-earned time to bake or experiment in the kitch for you and the boy, perhaps? haha

have a great, Relaxing (!) night

Kristin said...

Shrimp IS so good! I love it fresh, but frozen is sooo convenient- I just defrost it and use it in whatever I please!
My only "celebration" of not studying last night was a cup of pudding and an hour of TV watching, haha- but tonight I plan to make a nice dinner for my main men (roomie, best friend, boy) so that should be some culinary relief from these last couple of stressful days =)