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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have some fruity eats to report to you all...
last night I was craaaaving a big bowl of fruit- well, I didn't have a mass of mango, pineapple, berries and figs like I was dreaming about... however, I did have a juicy pear and some pom seeds. So I sliced up my pear, tossed some pom seeds on top and had a delicious juicy bowl of fruit for dessert!

This morning I still wanted something fruity, so of course I made my favorite smoothie! 1 cup frozen berries, a big banana, 1 cup light soy and a scoop of Jay Robb chocolate. Mmmm!

This made two cups (1 large, I small) again, but I just photographed one!
Never fails to satisfy me!

Now, as I had promised (a few days ago, I know...)
I was tagged by the lovely Jess!

-link the person that tagged ya and post the rules
-share seven random/weird facts about yourself
-tag seven random/weird, (haha kidding!) people at the end of your post and link them
-let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

7 Facts?

1. I HATE feet. ewww they gross me out, always have. Do NOT put your feet near me. I will not be a happy camper. hehe
2. I LOVE garlic to the extent that I put it in EVERYTHING... and will eat pieces of raw chopped garlic. It's a good thing I have good toothpaste ;)
3. I always drink 8 glasses of water (at least) a day. I make sure I do by counting the ounces in water bottles I refill. Obsessive? Maybe a little. But at least I know I'm hydrated!
4. I have a lot of favorite movies, but my alltime favorite will always be Hitch. (Yep, the Will Smith movie!)
5. I don't like artificial sweeteners, but I NEED to chew sugar free gum when I study. It's a weird habit, I know- but it helps me focus! (Don't ask me how...)
6. On holidays, instead of heading for the chips and dip or usual appetizers, I always head straight for the olive plate we have on our table. We're "not supposed" to steal olives before dinner starts, but my Grandpa and I have both caught each other sneaking olives... on numerous occasions! I think they should rid of the family "rule" and just give us our own plate of olives to share ;)
7. I once trespassed on the Canadian army.

And I shall tag...
Liz, the one and only VeggieGirl
Erica, from SweetEats(only if you have time darlings!)
The fitnessista
Chickpea from The Broccoli Hut

I know it's only 4, but I think I got to this tag pretty late... most of my lovely fave bloggers have been tagged!
I loved reading all of your fun "weird" facts!

On to my day off!

-finish writing paper (grr...)
-doing some research for Kinesiology
-some christmas shopping
-a trip to the gym

See you later!


Anon said...

LOVE HITCH!!! such a cute movie & will smith is awesome :) that's amazing that you drink 8 glasses of water a day. i need to aim for that! whenever im hydrated i workout better and my face is clearer etc etc.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

FRUUUUUUUIT!!! Holy yum, of course.

Love the facts!!! I'm like you with #2 and #3 (except I drink that much water in the morning alone - I drink SOOOOO much water, haha!!)

Aww, thanks for the tag! :-)

jess said...

Definitely looks good enough for dessert- but I am sorry you didn't get the figs of your dreams :)

That smoothie looks awesome and satisfying. I need to look into that protein powder so maybe they'd hold me over a bit better; I have a feeling I won't be wanting them once winter comes around.

And I also eat garlic.... often.... sometimes raw.... haha