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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A rainbow of flavor

Today was SUCH a good day!
Seriously guys, I can't even tell ya how much I needed a good day after so many stressful ones.

My day started off on the right track when I went to the gym with my Nutrition/Italy friend (and new fave gym buddy!) Carolyn... we walked a mile on the track so we could chat and warm up. This girl is the best to talk to, I wish you all could meet her =)
Then we headed to the cardio room where we did a heart-pumping 30 minute session of hills on the elliptical, followed by about 10 minutes of stretching to cool down.
Then, we headed to the weight room where I taught her my gun-busting arm routine, which she loved (especially the monkey curls, which she thought were weird- but she said she could feel them in her delts!).
I spent about 40 minutes on cardio, 40 minutes on strength. What a great workout! I was smiling from ear to ear when I left the gym.

I drove up to Bagelz where I found a nice comfy chair to do some reading and have my fabulous lunch!
My turkey sammie was THE BEST today- inspired by Jenna from Eat, Live, Run I added a tablespoon of garlic lovers' hummus to my usual sandwich thin/turkey/spinach/laughing cow light combo, and it gave it SO much more delicious, creamy flavor! Yum!

Then came Kinesiology, where I got my exam back...

I ONLY GOT 2 WRONG, and I answered ALL of the bonus right! So I got a 100%!!!
I was so ecstatic, could the day get any better?!?!

In between classes I snacked on a vanilla chobani I packed:

and I got super hungry so I also dug into my emergency mini clif bar (no pic, it was a quick eat!) which held me until dinner.
In English I found out I have NO CLASS tomorrow... which means I have no classes at all because my KIN class is canceled as well!!!! Whooo!!!!
I am one happy girl! I can spend tomorrow relaxing, doing some work, shopping and exercising of course!

Dinner was quick but delicious- I made a rainbow salad using a mix of spinach/romaine, radicchio, 1/2 a medium tomato, some orange bell pepper, olives, corn, feta cheese, a 3-oz can of tuna, a sprinkle of s&p and a drizzle of

Man, I love big salads!
What a fantastic day.
Now I still have some work I want to get done tonight, but not too much- I want some time to relax because I have all day to work tomorrow!

Have a great night!


VeggieGirl said...

AMAAAAAAZING DAY!!!!!!! Oh my, look at that score on your paper - fabulous!! Love the eats too :-)

hk said...

EXCELLENT!!!! I LOVE those kind of days! glad it all came together for ya :)

jess said...

WOW what an awesome day! That workout sounds intense- you deserve all sorts of good eats. Plus an amazing result on your test? You're a rockstar ;)